The Brightness of Casted Solutions


Design, build, test, modify. The inevitable, iterative cycle towards the launch of a new product. A process that takes up valuable time, but should be kept as short as possible to minimize the time-to-market and maximize the momentum of the market. That requires a very experienced partner who understands the importance of "first time right" and thinks not only from the perspective of the customer at every stage of the development cycle, but also from the perspective of the casting process and the final product functionality. Lautus Castings is such a partner and offers the following.

The partial or complete supervision of the development and procurement process of proto parts:

  • Design optimisations: functionality check, weight reduction, castability, alloy selection
  • Casting simulation: 3D analysis of solidification, mould filling and deformation (as a result of thermal stress)
  • Reports: measurements and lab tests (CMM, GOM, FEM calculations, X-ray, stress tests, blister tests, metallurgical tests, etc.) 
  • RfI, RfQ, supplier selection, ordering and supply

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