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Lautus Castings B.V. is very grateful to have received subsidy from Interreg for the successful development of the 

Lautus Castability Checker! 

Please, click on this link to read more about the Article CrossRoads2-project (in Dutch only): 

This simulation tool helps engineers and foundries to have a very quick and reliable first analysis on how castable the designed part is. A report is generated based on a STL file showing a clear overview of the part's geometry and mesh, temperature, liquid zones and shrinkage. The report is generated in various languages:

Please, send your file to us for a free personalized demo. We are pleased to make an appointment to demonstrate the benefits of this software! 

Send your email to or to receive a brochure, a manual and a demo report or call us.

With kind regards,

Roy Kastelein

Ruud Kleijn

Lautus Castings B.V.