The Brightness of Casted Solutions

Casting advice

Looking for a technical casting specialist to make your design castable? Would you like to analyze and meaure your parts? Having trouble to bring your castings within specification? Do you wish to educate people in your organization on castings technology? Or are you looking for a partner to implement innovations? Please contact us! Because Lautus Castings takes care of:

  • Design optimisations: functionality check, weight reduction, castability, alloy selection
  • Casting simulation: 3D analysis of solidification, mould filling and deformation (as a result of thermal stress)
  • Reports: measurements and lab tests (CMM, GOM, FEM calculations, X-ray, stress tests, blister tests, metallurgical tests, etc.)  
  • Casting courses: casting design, process management, problem analysis and problem solving, continuous improvement
  • Product- and process innovations: support concerning development, testing and implementation of technological innovations in products and casting processes

Please, contact us and be impressed by the possibilities that we can offered to you!

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