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About Lautus

Lautus Castings was founded based on years of casting experience and deep knowledge of castings in various manufacturing processes like sand casting (aluminum and iron), gravity and high pressure casting (aluminum). Lautus Castings has a global network of the best foundries and related service organizations.

It has come to our attention that there is a trend for prototypes and series parts towards larger and more complex castings in smaller numbers in need of shorter time to market and using new types of alloys and innovative casting processes. In practice, however, the joint development and production capacity on the supply side is limited to qualitatively and/ or timely meet customer's demand, while demand continues to grow on a global level. Moreover, more and more companies need technical and commercial casting knowledge to develop and implement competitive and good quality series products. Lautus Castings provides just that!

Lautus Castings mission is to fulfill the role of a knowledge partner in the market of aluminum and iron castings, both in projects and in a more structural way, similar to a knowledge center. Our added value lies with technical advice, developing and organizing machined prototypes and guidance to a mass production process.

Customers for who our services are developed, come from markets such as automotive, medical equipment, industrial machinery, aerospace, heat, electricity, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, but also foundries looking to prototype castings, including underlying process data, or when they experience production problems to which one has no answer. All necessary process technology knowledge and network are present to meet the high demands of those markets.

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